Import your Inventory data with the SIMMS Visual Import Manager

Visual Import Manager

The SIMMS Visual Import Manager (VIM) facilitates the import of your vital customer, inventory item and transactional data into SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management software. Stock units of measure, vendor details, existing quotes, and many more inventory particulars can all be pulled into the SIMMS system quickly and easily in a comprehensive state-of-the-art interface that gives you the latitude of precision and a wide variety of choice.

The VIM employs “open architecture”, taking advantage of the most current business application software and databases available at the current time. Businesses in the past have been forced to settle for discrete applications that run in stand-alone form, often having to perform multiple steps and intricate functions to produce reports. SIMMS has integrated reporting that allows for easy selection of details on its reports, and as such, can link information in various formats and from numerous sources to make the software you have work better together. To this end, SIMMS achieves this integration using Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC), a now-standard integration platform.

Visual Import Software Solution

SIMMS’ Visual Import Manager has been designed to provide seamless interlinking between SIMMS and many Microsoft formats commonly in use, including Access. The VIM readily imports from formats that include comma separated values (.CSV), text (.TXT) and Microsoft Access (>MDB) without any requirement of an intermediary data translation like ASCII delimited or Microsoft Excel. Imports from custom or vertical software packages also allow you to use Visual Import Manager to make the adaptation with no loss of data integrity or content re-formatting.

Feature-rich importing resources and functions include:

  • Data inheritance when compliant with standard ODBC formats
  • Field mapping with versatility and intelligence Import inventory item items
  • Import customer information
  • Import Item information
  • Import from Microsoft Access
  • Import location codes and names
  • Import quotes
  • Import Purchase orders
  • Import stock information
  • Import vendor information
  • Simple, immediate user window for instant imports

Importing data with SIMMS VIM is simple, quick and accurate. If you use SIMMS Software, the Visual Import Manager helps you tie all your business software’s information into one seamless application.

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