SIMMS Software Upgrade Policy

SIMMS Inventory Management software is a robust, feature-rich and comprehensive solution that grows as your company expands and diversifies. You’re Annual Support Plan. allows you to continue to take advantage of your initial investment and employ new tools and added qualities that the newest versions of SIMMS employs.

SIMMS Users must have a current and up-to-date support plan
in order to receive SIMMS Software updates.

KCSI’s Basic Support Plan provides the following benefits:

  • Product additions from our development team that make your work easier
  • Quarterly newsletters designed particularly to keep you current with the most current version of the software, the service available and the training available from KCSI
  • Upgrades to SIMMS as they are released, giving you all of the latest developments and improvements
  • Contact KCSI at 1-866-888-KCSI or email us today to find out more.
Upgrade Policy