Transportation and Warehouse Management Software

SIMMS 2014 is a complete Warehouse Transportation Management software solution.

SIMMS provides a comprehensive transportation management package that is accurate, efficient, and timely. SIMMS has mastered procedures from the reception of goods, pack verification, carrier bar-coded label printing, MH10's, as well as to rated manifests through to the preparation your ASN's.

Transportation inventory Software

SIMMS provides a dynamic exchange of data, communicates and integrates with your Host system. The integration of SIMMS saves hours of duplicated work due to the single-entry-only work to maintain your database, the speed of verification of Ship-To addresses, the ease of corrections of data entry errors, to paper filled notes for freight costs to charge back the customer, customized reports, and the tracing of customer service.

SIMMS Software supports “Stand-Alone" mode, Multi-Station LAN or Multi-Location WAN thin client environments, and thus can match your company requirements.

SIMMS Inventory Management Software provides an efficient process to effectively run your distribution center, with tools to help you focus on boosting warehouse productivity, improving customer service, reducing errors and slashing expenses while providing you with a practical cost breakdown.

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