SIMMS Inventory Software Support Services

The satisfaction of our customers is one Number One priority. Towards this goal, KCSI's Customer Service staff continually monitors customer satisfaction. KCSI assigns a minimum of one member of the KCSI executive staff to each customer as a business sponsor.

ATTENTION SIMMS Users: You must be using the latest version of SIMMS in order to receive support. Therefore, if your current version is not the latest released version when you require support, it is required that you upgrade first. If you do not have an active support plan you must renew your support plan to receive either support or updates.

World-class support is one of the principal reasons that KCSI is a leader in the Inventory Management field. Our family of customers has chosen us for our superior business software solution, and they stay with us for our vast range of business acumen and technical knowledge and experience.

KCSI offers our customers a variety of options for contacting Technical Support:


Support Plans:

KCSI offers several plans of support to choose from, thus empowering you to pick the plan that works best for your company. The plans range from a Silver basic support plan between 9 PM to 5 PM Pacific Time to our Platinum Plan, which offers 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week support with unlimited calls. Click here to review the plans we have to offer.

On-site Technical Support:

Your purchase of a block of support service time will ensure the smooth operation of your system on an ongoing basis. On-Site Technical support services are provided at the rate of $1,200.00/day USD, plus expenses.


KCSI and our SIMMS Authorized Resellers provide a wide range of training options. We offer on-site, online and implementation expertise. Our staff members know what they are doing. SIMMS is a feature-rich, robust business and inventory solution with a lot of options. Some features are unnecessary irrelevant to some industries, while being vital to others. We appreciate that different companies need particular levels of training. Some businesses have experienced bookkeepers and in-house accountants on staff but may lack a strong MIS staff. Others may have an experienced Network Administration department but may be weak in accounting knowledge. Some companies are strong or weak in both. KCSI’s training brings everyone up to the level of mastery in less time and with greater ease than any other company.


Investing in SIMMS is a sound and significant decision. You have chosen a dynamic and convenient inventory management solution that enriches the growth of your business. You maximize your investment by renewing your annual Support Plan, which includes benefits and provides the following advantages:

  • Upgrades for SIMMS as they are released. You will always have the latest and most current version of SIMMS.
  • Product enhancements from our development team are incorporated all the time. Gain the benefit of these additions and enhancements to make your SIMMS experience ideal.
  • Quarterly newsletter designed specifically to keep you up to date on the most current product, service and training information from KCSI.

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