Shipping Software Solution with SIMMS Inventory Software Management

SIMMS Inventory Management software optimizes the shipping and receiving processes in your business. Quick processing and precise tracking capabilities make shipping precise and easy.

Detailed packing slips reduce manual handling via picking lists through inclusion of exact information. SIMMS gives your staff the necessary resources to improve customer satisfaction.

You can ship directly from sales invoices or on a scheduled date. Before challenges occur, sales staff can pinpoint delayed shipments or backlogs in shipping, thus keeping the whole process smooth and efficient.


Overcome your shipping and receiving concerns with SIMMS Inventory Software:

My invoices do not match my packing slips.

Your packing slip is generated from the invoice itself, so when the shipping department picks items from the packing slip, there is no worry about incorrect data.

Can I modify my receipt of goods to account for freight costs and other handling charges levied by vendors – at a later date?

Yes, you can. Just add a line item in your receipt of goods with the price and description of the charge and save the receipt of goods.

Can I enter the shipment ETA in the Shipping Manager?

Yes. Just select the date the shipment is expected from the "Estimated Arrival Date" field.

Can SIMMS track the Weight of each shipment automatically?

Yes. When you configure inventory items you enter the default weight for your items. SIMMS utilizes this information when shipping and you can override the weight at the shipping stage if required. SIMMS does the math so you can concentrate on other issues like revenue.

Can I track the number of boxes assigned to a shipment?

Yes. You can assign each box a label and assign orders or individual items from orders to each box within a shipment, giving you the ability to track how many boxes per shipment were utilized, and what the box labels were.

Can I receive or issue items on a single document and distribute them to or from more than one stock location?

Yes, you can. When you receive or issue items there is no need to create multiple purchase receipts or sales documents to make sure the items are appropriately dispatched to or from the correct area. With SIMMS you can distribute the items received on one purchase receipt to more than one location or issue items from more than one location per sales document.

My customer has multiple orders and I would like to combine shipments to save money is this possible?

Yes. with SIMMS Inventory Software you can ship all orders pending, a customer at a time, or all of some orders and part shipments of others, or even just individual items from each order at one time. You can even take items from multiple orders and place them in the same box using the same box label

Can I select an alternate ship to location at the shipping stage?

Yes. SIMMS will allow you to select any defined ship to address for any shipment.

Can I enter special shipping instructions in the shipping manager?

Yes. With SIMMS you can enter several lines of instructions in the shipping manager.

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