Point of Sale Software Solutions for Retail Management

SIMMS’ POS (Point of Sale) software makes cash register use both easy and comprehensive. Tracking customers’ habits and purchases, charge account accuracy, managing gift card, overall administration benefits and sales-slip printing are all streamlined in a single, integrated solution. Exact stock control, feature-rich accounting features, location management and polling/file transfers are all available in the SIMMS system.

From point-of-sale to delivery, from cash-in to increased customer flow, KCSI’s Business Solutions both enhance and quicken all of your retailing tasks as you gain ultimate automation in purchasing and control of your inventory.

Point of Sale

SIMMS POS is a full-featured Point-Of-Sale software solution
seamlessly integrates with the rest of the SIMMS modular package while combining functionality and information for more effective cash management. Easy to use, information is displayed in a familiar Windows graphical format, known for its incredible flexibility. SIMMS POS provides a true small to large-market retail business system that is designed from the ground up to be a complete retail business management solution.

    With SIMMS POS, you gain the following advantages:

Customization and Enhancements

While other companies will not customize or enhance their software for your particular needs, KCSI will suit its users on a one-to-one basis.


Discounts are possible at the line item level or toward an entire invoice, and can be applied at either a percentile level or by a specific dollar amount.

Easy Installation and Operation

The SIMMS Point of Sale advantage is obvious – its speed and its simplicity.

Fragmented software applications are heading the way of the dinosaur...

Messy interfaces and multiple databases have become an approach of the past. Accessing more than one application for information will be no longer. Created for both today, and tomorrow's retail environment, the SIMMS POS offers you the cutting edge technology, the seamless integration that will lead your business into the future.

International Suitability

No matter the country your business exists in, SIMMS POS there are no POS system installations too big or too small.

Multi-Currency in POS

  • Charge your POS customer in your base currency or their assigned currency
  • Close your shift and view the amounts received in multiple currencies
  • Open your shift with floats in different currencies
  • Override the default defined customer currency on-the-fly during a POS ticket
  • Will let you know how much in the selected currency has to be paid to fully pay off the sales ticket

With SIMMS POS, your Customer can now pay in whatever currency you have pre-configured in SIMMS, empowering you to process payment for part of a customer sale in one currency and select an alternate currency to pay the remaining balance owing.

Ordering & Receiving

  • Automatic reordering based on a variety of user defined criteria
  • Configurable barcode module
  • Historical sales analysis by date range
  • Location transfers become quick and easy


  • Global price changes for all or selective products
  • Multiple price levels, multiple tax levels

Promote Growth with SIMMS POS

SIMMS POS’ breakthrough technology makes SIMMS POS easy to setup, manage and process sales transactions for any retail business. It provides a solution that gives you the time to focus on enhancing your customer’s shopping experience, that helps your business grow and that gives you all the tools needed to increase sales and gain a greater profitability. It is a perfect fit for single store or multiple retail outlets and will automate your business quickly and easily, making the task of daily inventory of goods and managing your vendors and customers a snap.

Sales Ring-Up Features

  • Ability to choose customers during ring up of sale
  • Ability to override or change prices at ring up
  • Choose printer destination at ring up, handles multiple printers
  • Handles split payments

Unique Point of Sale Software Features

Some of the unique features that separate SIMMS POS from its competitors are:

  • Ability to put invoices on hold
  • Apparel Matrix with quantity count of each item
  • Compare actual inventory with data inventory in minutes
  • Interfaces to Scales, Display Poles and Receipt Printers
  • Kitting (Bill of Materials)
  • Manages customer accounts
  • Multiple vendors for products
  • Open Architecture/SQL Database driven
  • Prints customer statements
  • Receive goods into hand-held by purchase order and infrared into SIMMS for validation
  • Tracking of expiration dates
  • Tracking of serial numbers
  • Unlimited ad-hoc queries in reports
  • User-definable fields for products, customers, invoices, etc.
  • Wizard for quick installation.

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