Office Supply Inventory Tracking and Management Software

SIMMS Office Supply Inventory Software is the right choice to introduce detailed inventory control and order processing into your business in a simple and straight forward manner. The SIMMS Office Supply Inventory Software can be used as a standalone system complete with multiple locations, inventory tracking, order processing and reporting.

Office Supply Inventory Software

It can also utilize some of the many additional modules available like AR, AP GL Replenishment, Fulfillment etc and/or interface with QuickBooks® Pro and Premier US and Canada versions to do automatic billing. invoicing and updates. Set up multiple storage locations and closely monitor the progress of inventory transactions throughout the order fulfillment process. Use the new order entry and backorder processing for greater efficiency. The program includes detailed item searches and management reports for orders and transactions.

1: Quick program installation and setup - the program includes a reusable practice data set for training.
2: Import your items, customers and vendors directly to QuickBooks® Pro and Premier 2010 or newer versions.
3: PO and Sales order processing: receiving reports, pick sheets and packing list - backorder processing included.
4: Automatically create bills for POs and invoices with customer specific pricing
5: Product list (items) import including on-hand quantities for quick set up and use.
6: Multiple warehouses and storage locations with primary picking and reserve location types.
7: Select inventory from lots or from multiple inventory locations using detailed pick sheets.
8: Track item quantities: on-hand, on-order, committed and allocated at all times for each location.
9: Status reports for inventory transactions, moves and put-away of received items in Preview or Hard copy format.
10: Detailed inquiry screens displays inventory items and order status. Export report data for detailed analysis.
11: Up to five concurrent workstations with administrative control features to limit user access.

Best Used For: - Wholesale Distributors - Direct Resellers and Suppliers - Internal Supply Organizations - Office Supplies Storage/Disbursement

With SIMMS Office Supply Inventory Software you can: - Set up multiple warehouses and storage areas to fit your order fulfillment process. - Monitor the process of Inventory Items, Purchase Orders and Invoice information. - Import Purchase Orders and Pending Invoices for processing. - Scan items coming into and going out of inventory. - Print Pick sheets with bin locations in logical walking sequence. - Product Inquiries display quantities: On-hand, On-Order, Committed, and Allocated. - Handle quarantine items and stock returns more efficiently. - View detailed stock and order status screens and set up detailed reporting capabilities. - Create a work-group connecting multiple workstations. - Allocate inventory to multiple orders and check status. - Use detailed reporting.

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