SIMMS Kiosk Inventory Management Software Solution

If you operate a kiosk or a small retail outlet in a local mall, your location is central to the flow of potential customers, who have the opportunity to stop in regularly. New customer traffic visits daily for an assortment of items. The standard retail enterprise has been the established standard of commerce for as long as anyone can remember. One special corner of specialized retail is the gift market. Events, rituals and celebrations make up an important part in the lives of all of us. For instance, the Christmas season for a retailer has always subsidized slower months that follow. The sale of inventory is of crucial importance during such times, and the precision and accuracy you employ in tracking it may very well make the difference between profit and loss.

SIMMS Kiosk Inventory Management Software Solution

SIMMS Inventory Management software has been built to fit your retail business like a glove…

With SIMMS in place to optimize the sales process, you can be relied upon to have the exact inventory you need to you’re your customer. SIMMS is easy to setup and use. Your staff can dedicate a larger percentage of their time to customer relations, which makes all the difference in retail. Increasing customer satisfaction leads to more sales.

SIMMS Kiosk Inventory Software:

  • Handles the Challenge of Multiple Locations – You can manage inventory levels at any location in real time with ease and speed.
  • Can Be Accessed Remotely – From anywhere you can find an internet hotspot, you can log in and confirm your business’ bottom line. SIMMS helps you check the sales you’re making no matter where you are.
  • Is Affordable – SIMMS can be setup with greater ease and in less time than other software because of the speed and precision of its online installation process.
  • Is Easy to Use – Your regular employees, seasonal temps and new staff can learn to use SIMMS on-the-fly, which keeps the rate of sales smooth and the accuracy of the inventory balanced equally, thanks entirely to its intuitive and familiar look and function.

Get SIMMS Inventory Management software to make – and keep – your retail outlet the going concern you always dreamt it could be.

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