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Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Abbotsford, British Columbia, KCSI made it a point to hire great people, continuously refine our software development and management processes, and invest in the ongoing development of technologies and expertise. Our mission is to deliver cost effective, quality-centric and scalable solutions thus helping our clients and partners generate outstanding business results and project returns. There are now thousands of clients that span the globe, in many different industries including military, government, schools, factories, hospitals, police departments and many more using software developed by KCSI.


KCSI provides professional IT services consisting of custom software development, website design and maintenance, search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management and implementation of other internet advertising initiatives for businesses worldwide. Our main focus is building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.


Analysis of your business processes gives us a better understanding of your business goals, so our products and services are always tailor made just for you. KCSI mobilizes the right resources and technologies globally to help clients shorten the path between their vision and reality.

KCSI Corporate Profile


KCSI guarantees results by providing a full-range of powerful customized programming, accounting solutions, salesand- time management solutions, technical support, web, e-commerce, and interactive services to companies around the globe. Our expertise in the rapidly changing array of internet technology provides our clients with strategically appropriate solutions targeted to ensure optimal results. Our diversified experience saves our clients money. We have a solid core of programmers and understand what a deadline means.

The birth of SIMMS Inventory Management Software: Why KCSI Built SIMMS Inventory Software

Requirement: In 1997 we realized that the major gap in business/accounting software was true inventory control, companies needed to increase efficiency to maintain profitability. This involved being able to integrate all departments with every area of inventory management within one system while being able to track different types of detailed information about every little widget.

  • Large inventory management solutions were cost prohibitive, too complex, and involved long implementation and training timeframes
  • Other available solutions required multiple systems for different departmental functions
  • In order to get all of the required inventory control functionality the market was seeking, several different packages were required to provide individual pieces of what the market required
  • - Existing accounting or inventory control systems had no enterprise-wide integration
  • To get all of the requirements for unique companies there would be a very high cost for customization

Knowing we could build a better mousetrap, SIMMS was born...

WORK APPROACH We work using the following two service models:

• Project by Project - if you have just one project in mind this is likely the best solution for you. We start off with an initial consultation to give you a rough estimate and determine if the project is feasible. We then work with you to define the scope of the project, tell you what the price is going to be and how long the project is going to take. We sign an agreement, get the deposit and start the work. We go through various stages of project planning, development and testing. Once the project is completed any additions or modifications will be considered as a separate project and will be priced and scheduled as another project.

• Service Level Agreement - if you require ongoing work this is the best solution for you. We work according to a schedule and book work in advance. This allows us to maintain lower prices because all of our developers are always busy with work. Main purpose of a service level agreement is to allocate time for you in our schedule to ensure that work can be done when you need it. It quantifies the minimum acceptable level of service to you by spelling out the number of hours that will be allocated to you on an ongoing basis, response time for regular work and emergencies, etc.


• SIMMS Inventory Software - developed in 1997 by KCSI, Today, major Fortune 500 corporations, governments and military organizations incorporate SIMMS into their inventory control solutions. SIMMS customers now span the globe, a testament to our superior design that accelerates the learning curve and gives our clients what they need— rock solid inventory control. (http://www.simmssoftware.com)

• CRMUnleashed - KCSI developed CRMUnleashed, a web-based customer support, case management and CRM software solution, that is quickly becoming the case management, customer support solution of choice around the globe. (http://www.crmunleashed.com)

• PLP - Developed by KCSI the Personal Life Planning software is used by government care homes all over BC in order to manage the people in there care, the program was built with the ability to learn and evolve (AI). • GetIT-Organized.com - An iPhone application created by KCSI, How important are your passwords, network environment and server information? Think about it. All your money, bank accounts, financial info, web login information and everything else you need to keep private is protected by passwords. Now what about your server and workstation system information, email account info, network info, routing information and IT system info information? Trust your important information to the security and convenience of Get IT Organized™ anywhere. (http://www.getit-organized.com)

“Delta Community Living Society has worked with Kornyk Computer Solutions International, Inc. since 2000. The society was in need of a programmer for a complicated project and KCSI completed the job for us, on time and within budget, since then we have used them for our ongoing software development needs. The work is always finished to our satisfaction. KCSI staff is good at understanding our requirements and putting that into action.“ Doug Wollard - Delta Community Living Society

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