Inventory Software for the Books and Periodicals industry

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management software is a major supplier of information services and technology to industries that require periodical distribution.

Beyond just basic distribution, SIMMS 2014 constantly meets the challenge of the ever-changing marketplace by providing expertly engineered distribution systems to wholesalers using scan-based trading, vendor-managed inventory, and much more.

KCSI is a diversified international company with clients throughout the world. Major installations exist in Europe, Canada, China, the Far East and the United States. KCSI provides a suite of services and products for EDI, Internet e-commerce, periodical, retail and warehouse automation industries.

Inventory Software for the Books and Periodicals industry

Data Processing Services

SIMMS Periodical Category Management Systems

The right magazines in the right quantities, packed error free and delivered to the right places is solved by SIMMS 2014.

SIMMS 2014 enables systems for the distribution and management within the warehouse for books, general merchandise, magazines and newspapers. Every aspect of customer account receivables, distribution, electronic data exchange, point of sale management, product receiving, returns, scan-based trading, system document archiving, vendor account reconciliation, vendor managed inventory as well as a huge selection of standard reporting. Special feature tool sets also provide for the writing of ad-hoc reports, the creation of customer data entry screens and the exportation of data. SIMMS’ complete suite of flexible solutions is perfect for the smallest to the largest distributors.

Choosing the right periodical distribution system will result in significant revenue benefits, owing to SIMMS’ ability to provides the comprehensive and versatile solutions for direct/specialized wholesalers, traditional independent regional/national periodical wholesalers, national distributors, and galley/re-shipping distributors who constantly need to meet challenges in today’s marketplace.

The needs of competitive wholesaling are met by SIMMS 2014 Inventory software through the inclusion of a dynamic Supply Chain Management solution. It enables you to perform all the warehouse duties including deploying cross-docking, inventory, order fulfillment, purchasing, put-away, receiving and return handling.

SIMMS Inventory Software is a feature-rich system for scanning, shipping manifest automation, verified picking and more. As a complete turn-key solution, it transforms your business processes to an efficient, profit-based distribution center manager and supply chain management solution.

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