Why Choose SIMMS Inventory Software

10 Reasons Why SIMMS Inventory Software is the Right Inventory Solution for you

Easy Report Customizations and Data Exports - You can customize and export all reports within SIMMS, as well as creating your own.

Flexible Financing  - The attractive leasing options available from KCSI gives you flexibility in the acquisition of the SIMMS software as well as any additional hardware you need to run your business efficiently.

Latest Database Technology - SIMMS Inventory Accounting Management software uses Microsoft's latest SQL Server technology, providing you with added data security, higher stability, and versatile scalability on a proven platform.

Latest .NET Technology - SIMMS uses Microsoft's latest .NET technology, giving your business the leading edge in software flexibility and compatibility. Most other applications are written in more limited or obsolete programming languages with shorter and less effective life spans.

Market Leadership - With almost two decades of service to various organizations in many different industries. SIMMS’ versatility and comprehensiveness is no accident.

Rapid Evolution - SIMMS employs several teams of programmers in two countries that work 16 hours a day that allow it to adjust, change, enhance, and grow to meet your demands that culminate in no less than three new major releases and twenty new minor releases each year.

Return On Investment - SIMMS provides a demonstrably high return on investment by increasing business efficiency, inventory control and revenues while sustaining a low cost of inventory management.

Short Implementation Cycle - SIMMS needs only a short cycle of implementation, typically from two to ten days – a primary reason that businesses in third world countries employ SIMMS.

Simple Customization - SIMMS customization is performed regularly and on time. Free requests for enhancement will be added to the upcoming releases, or, if your modifications are needed sooner, KCSI can tailor the software to your needs with very little extra cost. Reports can fit whatever unique needs you may have; SIMMS uses Crystal Reports in the creation or modification of existing reports, and Crystal can be mastered easily.

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management Software was designed for business owners by business owners.

Why SIMMS Inventory Software

Why should you buy from KCSI?

  • Commitment to continued investment in research and development.
  • Customization requests are inexpensive, and are handled swiftly and professionally ? every time.
  • Expert support teams are available to provide you with toll-free assistance around ? the world – not just in the country of development like most of our competitors.
  • Short training and implementation cycles.
  • Here are several attributes that separate SIMMS Inventory Software from the rest:

  • SIMMS customization is a painless and cost effective choice, giving you immediate results.
  • SIMMS empowers you to customize and export all reports within the program in addition to adding your own to fit whatever unique needs you may have. For example, utilizing Crystal Reports in the creation or modification of existing reports could not be easier.
  • SIMMS gives an extremely high return on investment by increasing revenues, inventory control and business efficiency while keeping your cost of inventory management low.
  • SIMMS has attractive leasing options to give you flexibility for both the SIMMS program but also any hardware needed to run your business more efficiently.
  • SIMMS is designed for business owners by business owners.
  • SIMMS is the last inventory management solution you will ever need.
  • SIMMS requires a very short implementation cycle-typically from two to ten days.
  • SIMMS uses Microsoft’s latest MS-SQL server technology. This gives businesses higher stability, versatile scalability and added data security.
  • SIMMS utilizes Microsoft’s latest .NET Technology. This gives your business the leading edge in software flexibility in addition to compatibility for years to come.
  • SIMMS was built from the ground up with the requirements of every possible business type in mind.

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