Purchasing Software for Transactions and Sales Management

SIMMS Sales and Purchasing Software for transaction management helps you manage all your transactions and their vital details. When you order materials from a vendor, you can:

  • Confirm quantities at every step
  • Create contracts to buy goods
  • Define the dates at every stage of the order
    • Log contact names on-the-fly
    • Record prices
    • Ship and track the goods

    Cloning Orders, Processing Receipts and Inventory Management

    You can quickly clone purchase orders done in the past, no matter the number of details, helping you to avoid having to re-enter information already on the previous P/O. SIMMS’ Purchasing Software features include partial receipts, updates inventory records as good are received and monitors cost variances stock received and stock invoiced. Automatic purchase orders order creation - have orders made when stock falls below required inventory levels.
    SIMMS has retained the lead in inventory software solution for more than a dozen years. Try SIMMS software for free. A representative will contact you shortly thereafter with download information.

    Inventory and Purchasing Management Solutions

    Receipts of Goods will automatically adjust stock quantities and will produce backorder fill records (if there are backordered items). Once you implement SIMMS, you can have all the important information available to make the very best purchasing decisions possible at that time.

    Purchase Order Management Software

    Purchase Order Management

    • Auto Reorder point notification
    • Item replenishment
    • Purchase order authorization staging
    • Serial number management and lot control
    • Ability to Drop Ship Orders
    • Generate sales orders from purchase orders
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    Item Replenishment Software

    Item Replenishment

    • Ability to define your replenishment quantity above demand
    • Easy to use screen enables you to easily purchase from multiple vendors for many items from several orders at once
    • Generate a Request for Quote (RFQ) direct from the replenishment module
    • Review the current stock demand in one easy to understand screen.
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    Auto Reorder Notification Software

    Auto Reorder Notification

    • Always have sufficient stock on hand avoiding costly stock shortages
    • Define economic or maximum stock level requirements
    • Alert on screen or via e-mail when stock level reorder points have been hit
    • Define what users get what alerts.
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    SIMMS' Purchasing keeps all item details immediately available, as partial orders are processed smoothly. You can make quick decisions, relying on any variance details you see. Accuracy in costing remains pre-eminent in your mind so that you can continue receiving the best possible deals on every item. The age of inventory groups and batches in the system have a permanent record.

    Free Demo of SIMMS Sales and Purchasing Software - We Simplify the Process

    The purchasing process with SIMMS accumulates all available details clearly and easily on windows that are designed to streamline your business.

    Purchasing plays a vital role in any inventory program and is a valuable and optimized feature, as the software grows and diversifies. The process remains simple and straightforward. This means faster order processing. There is also a minimal learning curve, so just about anyone can use the software. SIMMS Inventory Management Software has been evolving for more than ten years. We will continue to develop our software as more business needs come into play in the upcoming years. Please send us your feedback and let us know of any new features you would like and we will take them into consideration in future releases.

    Reach one of our purchasing software representatives for help during our regular business hours.

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    Take the first step today by taking your best first step ever -- SIMMS Inventory Management software.

    Alternate Bill to and Ship to

    Easily select alternate Ship-To and Bill-To address for your purchasing transactions.

    Auto-Reorder Points

    Define automatic inventory Item Reorder Points for each location easily, using either the Economic or Maximum Stock Level requirement settings to assign each the maximum on hand, minimum order, order and reorder point quantities and values, then automatically generate Purchase Orders based on these stipulated criteria.

    Defer Receipts of Invoice

    SIMMS allows you to choose to receive the invoice for a Receipt of Goods at the time of receipt or to defer the Receipt of Invoice for a later time, thus postponing the distribution to Accounts Payable and the General Ledger until that time.

    Drop Ship Orders

    With SIMMS, drop shipping orders is made quick and easy.

    Expiration Date Tracking

    SIMMS’ Expiration Date Tracking features track an unlimited amount of expiration dates from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is made a permanent record in the system, allowing access at any time to a wealth of historical validation data. Expiration Date Tracking is essential in the flow of inventory items that are time limited.

    Item Fulfillment

    You can fill your orders smoothly when products are received for large numbers of orders at one time by using the Order Fulfillment Manager.

    Item Replenishment

    Determine your replenishment requirements for your entire system in a snap with the Replenishment Module.

    Request for Quote Manager (RFQ)

    SIMMS’ Request for Quote (RFQ) empowers a single-step translation of a requisition into a paperless RFQ document that can be emailed to vendors for the purpose of providing competitive pricing by employing a buyer- and supplier-accessible system portal for managing Requests For Quotes (and other kinds of supplier requests).

    Landed Costing

    SIMMS’ Landed Costing features handle the many details managing Landed Costing needs.

    Manufacturer Lot Tracking

    Assign and track an item’s manufacturer’s lot number from the Receipt of Goods stage onward.

    Multi Currency

    Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting, purchasing and sales functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies provides a global competitive edge.

    Override G/L Distribution

    You can override the G/L distribution for each line item on your transaction for simple flexible accounting.

    P/O Authorization Staging

    With Purchase Order authorization, you can enable the added security of having to have Purchase orders approved, and authorized prior to receipt.

    Purchase Multiple Apparel Items with Matrix View

    Effectively manage apparel and footwear styles using one item number with multiple color and size labels with the Apparel Matrix Inventory feature.

    Purchase Order Cloning

    Clone Purchase orders for the same or different Vendor saving you valuable time in processing repeat orders.

    Purchase Order Management

    With SIMMS you can generate and receive an entire PO or partially receive a PO as many times as required until the whole PO has been received, creating separate Receipt of Goods & Receipt of Invoice documents for each partial receipt.

    Purchase Orders on Hold

    Place Purchase Orders on hold in order to prevent the receiving of the specified PO.

    Purchase Orders for Sales Orders

    Advanced functionality such as creating purchase orders for sales orders and having the sales orders created automatically on the fly from the related P/O is made simple with SIMMS. You can not only create new Sales Orders in real time but also you can add the P/O-related items to an existing Sales Order.

    Purchase Order Reporting

    From Status reports to Un-received P/O reports and numerous other options, you can view all the information you need when you need it.

    Quick Payment from Receipt of Goods

    Apply quick payments such as deposits or even payments in full to a Receipt of Invoice on-the-fly from a single screen.

    Serial number and Warranty Tracking

    Tracking and assigning an item’s serial number, secondary level serial number and purchase/sales warranty information at the receiving stage is easy with SIMMS.

    View and Report Vendor Purchase History

    SIMMS boasts an extensive library of Reports and report generators giving you the ability to choose from some of the most versatile purchasing reports you could ever need.

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