SIMMS Multi-Currency Software

SIMMS Inventory Management software has robust multi-currency features that provide powerful and comprehensive purchasing, sales and accounting functions. In the global marketplace, commercial ease in all currencies provides the complete competitive edge. Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency Module delivers powerful and comprehensive multi-currency accounting, purchasing and sales functions. Gain sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies toward a global competitive edge.

Multi Currency

Powerful features of the Multi-Currency Module include:

  • Complete support for the Euro, in addition to full EMU accreditation
  • Comprehensive currency revaluation to restate outstanding source currency balances and transactions as the exchange rates fluctuate
  • Override default currency and exchange rate definitions at the transaction level
  • Print reports in both functional and source currencies
  • Process payments or receipts in any currency
  • Unlimited currencies
  • User-defined purchasing exchange rates
  • User-defined sales exchange rates

Multi-Currency in Accounts Payable

  • Assign a default currency for each vendor and change defaults at any time
  • Assign currencies to individual checking accounts and print checks in that currency

Multi-Currency in Accounts Receivable

  • Assign a default currency for each customer and change defaults at any time

Multi-Currency in Inventory Control

  • Assign a default currency for any inventory item
  • Different buy and sell rates are supported

Multi-Currency in Order Entry

  • Integrated in sales order processing, invoicing and quoting: customer's currency identified and reflected in transactions
  • The ability to over-ride the Default Customer Currency at the transaction stage

Multi Currency in POS

  • Charge your POS customer in your base currency or their assigned currency
  • Close your shift and view the amounts received in multiple currencies
  • Open your shift with floats in different currencies
  • Override the default defined customer currency on-the-fly during a POS ticket
  • SIMMS POS will let you know how much in the selected currency has to be paid to fully pay off the sales ticket.
  • Your customer can now pay in whatever currency you have pre-configured in SIMMS, this enables you to process payment for part of a customer sale in one currency and select an alternate currency to pay the remaining balance owing

Multi-Currency in Purchase Orders and Receipts of Goods

  • The ability to over-ride the Default Vendor Currency at the transaction stage
  • Vendor's currency identified and reflected in transactions

If utilizing multiple currencies within your purchasing and sales transactions is important to you then SIMMS is the correct solution.

Contact us by phone at 604-504-7936 or by e-mail so we can help you take the first steps towards the solution you have been seeking.

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